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Pipl makes connections to online identity information that others can't. Investigators and researchers discover how Pipl SEARCH and Pipl API provide instant access to actionable current and historical information.

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Online Identity Information

Resolve cases faster with online identity information

Whether you're trying to locate a person of interest or verify the identity of an applicant, online identity information is the key to gaining a more accurate and complete picture of a person. Traditional identity sources are often compromised and limited to domestic data, but leading agencies are turning to Pipl's unmatched global coverage of over 3 billion online identities for more reliable and more actionable information to resolve cases faster.


Online Identity Information for Government

Unmatched global identity information

Over 3 Billion Online Identities — at your fingertips

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Uncover Leads

Discover new information and investigate with fewer dead ends

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Visualize connections

See connections between persons of interest, social networks, locations, and activities

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Gain global insight

Search across the borders of more than 150 countries

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Eliminate blind spots

Get information that's missing from public records databases


Increase Case Throughput

With a global index of over 3 billion online identities, Pipl is increasing case throughput by detecting and cross-referencing connections between social-media usernames, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, known associates and more. These connections make it fast and easy to locate persons of interest and verify identity information.

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Service Agencies

  • Quickly verify identity information
  • Automate identity verification processes
  • Current and historical identity information
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Increase case resolution throughput


  • Quickly locate persons of interest
  • Detect and verify patterns in online identity information
  • Connect to social media accounts and pages
  • Global coverage of over 3 billion adults
  • Listed on GSA Schedule and SOC 2 certified

Law Enforcement

  • Uncover connections to email addresses, mobile phone numbers, social media accounts
  • See associations to other people, places, and organizations
  • Access and share online identity information and insights in the field
  • Print and share case information

Give your team the advantage of online identity information

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